Multiplex Image Analysis Workshop

12 Oct - 13 Oct

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Evaluation of Ultivue InSituPlex technology using human and mouse tumor specimens
Sripad Ram
Pfizer Inc, San Diego, United States,
Oral presentation
Machine Learning Models That Distinguish Human Tumor Nuclei in Mouse Brain
MhdAmmar Hafez , Judy Drazba , John W. Peterson
Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, United States,
InstanSeg: fast, accurate cell segmentation for histology images
Thibaut Goldsborough , Andrew Filby , Hakan Bilen , Peter Bankhead
University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, United Kingdom,
Oral presentation
Revolutionizing Spatially Correlated Metabolic Reactions: Multimodal Microscopy for Studying Aging and Diseases
Hongje Jang , Zhi Li , Yajuan Li , Pegah Bagheri , Ellen Ackerstaff , Jason A. Koutcher , Lingyan Shi
UC San Diego, La Jolla, United States,
Learning spatial relationships between cell types in tissue images using multirange, multitype point process models
Haoran Chen , Robert F. Murphy
Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, United States,
Oral presentation
Data-driven optimization of biomarker panels in highly multiplexed imaging
Huangqingbo Sun , Jiayi Li , Robert F. Murphy
Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, United States,
Oral presentation
Quantifying the Spatial Distribution of Immune Cells in Tumors
Clare C. Yu , Juliana C. Wortman , Ting-Fang He , Shawn Solomon , Robert Z. Zhang , Anthony Rosario , Roger Wang , Travis Y. Tu , Daniel Schmolze , Yuan Yuan , Susan E. Yost , Xuefei Li , Herbert Levine , Gurinder Atwal , Peter P. Lee
University of California, Irvine, Irvine, United States,
Oral presentation
The Immune Cell Tumor Microenvironment in HIV+ and HIV- Prostate Cancer Patients
Wei Zhang , Yoko Derose , Gita Suneja , Anna Coghill , Beatrice Knudsen
Huntsman Cancer Institute, Salt lake city, United States,
Integrating AI and Pathology: A Novel Approach to Multiplexed IHC Data Segmentation and Classification
Mark Zaidi , Mariam P. Alexander , Nicholas B. Larson , Aidan F. Mullan , Kevin Pavelko , Mark Stegall , Andrew Bentall , Timucin Taner , Trevor D. McKee , Bradly G. Wouters
University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada,
Oral presentation
LED and Hydrogen Peroxide Autofluorescence quenching
Brett Laffey , Zbigniew Mikulski
La Jolla Institute for Immunology, La Jolla, United States,
Discovering Microdomains from Multiplexed Datasets to Reveal the Hidden Circuits of Tumor Microenvironment
Filippo Pullara , Chakra Srinivas Chennubhotla
PredxBio, Inc, Pittsburgh, United States,
Oral presentation
Tissue segmentation approaches to reveal spatial characteristics of the tumor microenvironment
Colt Egelston , Oscar Colunga Flores , Weihua Guo , Jian Ye
Beckman Research Institute, City of Hope, Duarte, United States,
Oral presentation
Machine learning methods for decoding subcellular RNA organization from spatial transcriptomics data
Clarence Mah , Noorsher Ahmed , Dylan Lam , Alexander Monell , Colin Kern , Yuanyuan Han , Gino Prasad , Anthony Cesnik , Emma Lundberg , Quan Zhu , Hannah Carter , Gene Yeo
University of California, San Diego, San Diego, United States,
Oral presentation
Multi-plex phenotyping and spatial analysis using CellScape imaging technology
Marco Antonio Navarro , Matthew Ingalls , John Spencer Schwarz , Brian Lane , Xenia Meshik , Adam Northcutt
Canopy Biosciences, St Louis, United States,
Oral presentation
Quantitative analysis of colorectal adenocarcinoma images obtained by single-shot 17-plex staining followed by imaging with the Orion™ spatial biology platform
Edward Lo , Tad George , Selena Larkin
RareCyte, Inc, Seattle, United States,
Proteomap – A low-cost cyclic immunofluorescence microscopy workflow suitable for fast-paced discovery research
Shoh Asano , Thomas Fabre , Alexander Barron , Alexis White , Kathryn Bound , Shoh Asano
Pfizer Inc., Cambridge, MA, United States,
Oral presentation
Making Multiplex Tissue Imaging More Broadly Accessible
YoungHwan Chang
Oregon Health and Science University, Portland, United States,
Oral presentation
Cross Platforms Proteomics and Genomics Data Integration for Full Spectrum of Cancer Profiling
Jun Jiang , Raymond M. Moore , Ruifeng Guo , Wendy K. Nevala , Chathu L. Atherton , Svetomir N. Markovic , Chen Wang
Mayo Clinic, Rochester, United States, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, United States,
Oral presentation
#73 A workflow for high-precision registration, cell segmentation and marker intensity mapping for multiplex image data
Fabian Svara ag, Buchrain, Switzerland,
Oral presentation
High-throughput pooled phenotypic CRISPR screening by machine vision-based cytometry
Asako Tsubouchi , Andy Wu
ThinkCyte Inc., Redwood City, United States,
An integrated toolkit for analyzing high-dimensional imaging data
Noah F. Greenwald
Stanford, Palo Alto, United States,
Oral presentation
QuPath for multiplex image analysis
Peter Bankhead
University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, United Kingdom,
Oral presentation
Spatial-omics Approaches To Interrogate Host-Disease Interactions
Sizun Jiang
Harvard Medical School, Boston, United States,
Oral presentation
From oncology to cardiology: Spatial omics technologies for topographic biomarker discovery
Denis Schapiro
Heidelberg University Hospital, Heidelberg, Germany,
Oral presentation
Validating Quantitative and Spatial Insights Generated From Multiplex Immunofluorescence Images in Clinical Trials
Misagh Naderi , Claire Weston
Reveal Biosciences, San Diego, United States,
Decision pending
Tools to Predict Biological Aggressiveness from Tissue Sections
Calum MacAulay , Fumiya Inaba , Kouther Noureddine , Shunsuke Ishige , Martial Guillaud
BC Cancer, Vancouver, Canada,
Oral presentation
Evaluating the PhenoCycler Fusion (CODEX) System and a Robust Analysis Pipeline
Abhishek Aggarwal
Gilead Sciences Inc., Foster City, United States,
Oral presentation
Analysis of Multiplex Fluorescent Images Using HALO Software: Addressing Key Analytical Challenges
Levi David Maston , Donald Allen
Indica Labs, Albuquerque, United States, Indica Labs, Albuquerque, United States,
Oral presentation